Preaching Jesus, Loving People


I want to take this time to personally welcome everyone to this website. I would also like to personally invite everyone who is reading this to come and visit us here at the Woodland Church of God. I trust that you will find this place to be a place of worship and prayer. It is guaranteed that you will be greeted, loved and accepted by the friendliest group of people that I know. We are excited about building the Kingdom of God and adding to our church family.

As the Senior Pastor, I promise two things:

1. I promise that this church will minister to all of your family members no matter what the age.

2. I promise that you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the power of God.

Early in my ministry The Lord very clearly spoke to me and said these words, “Son, if you will do two things, you will never build a building big enough to hold the people that will come in response.”

1. Preach Jesus

2. Love People

Our theme at this church is Preaching Jesus, Loving People and we make every effort possible for this to be made public at every opportunity we have. Please come and join us and experience for yourself the good things that God has in store for his people. Our God is alive and well and working in Kokomo and at Woodland Church of God.

To our faithful members, thank you for your continuing support. Please feel free to use this website as a tool for personal growth as well as a ministry to your family and friends.

Pastor Michael Alley

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