Michael & Tammy Alley

Senior Pastor


Pastor Michael and Tammy Alley have been serving at Woodland since December 2009. They have previously pastored in Bloomfield and Elwood . Pastor and Sister Tammy are very excited in the direction that the Holy Spirit is leading the church. Pastor Alley is a dynamic and gifted speaker and truly has a passion for people.  Sister Tammy leads the ladies ministries and is also our children’s program director. They have two children, Kobe, and Mady Alley who both are a vital part of the Driven youth ministry at Woodland and a part of our Shift Youth Praise Team.


Woodland Church of God and their Pastoral Staff has been a true blessing to my family. They came to my parents home when my mother was bedridden and prayed. They offer a wonderful children's ministry for my grandchildren. The Church congregation is very welcoming, down to Earth, and friendly. My whole family fits in and feels comfortable.  We have been blessed by God since being there!

Sherry Rahl

I've found spiritual renewal, blessed fellowship, and an opportunity to serve.  I'm so grateful to my Lord to call Woodland Church of God my home church!

Chris Bousum

I would be hard pressed to find a better church home for me and my family. It is a true rarity to find a church that practices what it advertises on a day to day basis. Woodland Church of God is that church.

Jeremy Hook